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Geography of Agricultural Exports from Ukraine

EasyChair Preprint no. 5514

7 pagesDate: May 13, 2021


Based on the generalization and systematization of scientific and accounting data, the article considers agriculture as one of the leading sectors of the Ukrainian economy, providing 50% of foreign exchange earnings from exports of all goods from the country. The structure and geography of agricultural exports from Ukraine are analyzed. The existing export potential of the studied sector of the national economy and the level of self-sufficiency of Ukraine in agri-food products are revealed. Four specialization types of agricultural exports from Ukrainian regions are established: areas with dominance in export of animal origin products; areas with a dominance in the export of plant products; areas with a predominance in the export of animal or vegetable origin fats and oils; area, with mixed export specialization. Recommendations for the re-profiling of agricultural production in a number of the country’s regions in order to increase exports of this product type

Keyphrases: География экспорта, сектор сельского хозяйства, сельхозпродукция

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