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Blockchain Based E-Health System

EasyChair Preprint no. 4743

4 pagesDate: December 12, 2020


Electronic health care data management and security is very essential nowadays, various existing system has developed for enhance the privacy of such large data. The former results from no unified, redundant, and often replicated information across numerous independent e-health service providers. While the later stems from sensitive information stored in centralized systems that can be compromised. Blockchain has emerged as a promising technology, which can be used to secure access and privacy of data and provide an umbrella management solution to large-scale distributed and decentralized enterprise systems. In this article, we present a unified system for migrating independent conventional e-health systems to a single blockchain based ecosystem. More specifically, we address the issues of difference in data structures for conventional relational databases and blockchain file databases. This system we demonstrates custom blockchain implementation with hash generation, mining and consensus respectively.

Keyphrases: Blockchain Technology, consensus, Hash Generation, mining, peer-to-peer, Proof of Stake

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