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Reflecting Metasurface Unit Cell Design with Multi-Bit Azimuthal Control

EasyChair Preprint no. 6298

4 pagesDate: August 15, 2021


This work proposes a phase-shifting unit cell for a
reconfigurable intelligent surface capable of exhibiting 7 discrete
reflection phase shifts at 3.75 GHz. Sets of PIN diode-loaded
unit cells are addressed column-wise to realise azimuthal elec-
tromagnetic transformation capabilities with a simple, vialess
feeding mechanism. Simulated results utilising manufacturer’s
component data suggest a desirable average reflection loss of 1
dB. A particle swarm optimisation algorithm is employed to re-
alise reflection phase uniformity. Oblique incidence performance
is investigated, revealing desirable phase shift resolution versus
incidence angle beyond 40 degrees for TM-polarised waves.

Keyphrases: Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces, Metasurfaces, Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces, reconfigurable metasurfaces

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