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Using Web-Technologies in the Process of Development of Students’ Critical Thinking

EasyChair Preprint no. 3131

7 pagesDate: April 8, 2020


The article deals with the issues of development of critical thinking of students by means of web-technologies. It presents the analysis of different scientific approaches to the organization of critical thinking training of students. The authors state that among the means of the above mentioned critical thinking development scientists distinguish information and communication technologies, particularly web-technologies, as carrying a significant didactic and critical thinking potential. The experience of using web resources for verifying information and data to the process of students’ critical thinking development is explained. The article gives examples of the using remote special course on the basis of web resources implementation into real learning process. The application of using web resources provides an opportunity to intensify critical thinking motivation of students, involve them in solving the discussed problems, develop critical thinking skills, the ability to independently create and develop new knowledge based on the information received and reflection. Comparison of the results of ascertaining and forming sections allow concluding on the effectiveness of the proposed pedagogical condition for the formation of students' critical thinking by the means of web technologies and the effectiveness of the developed remote special course for forming students' critical thinking by the means of using modern web technologies.

Keyphrases: critical thinking, Information and Communication Technologies, Web resources, Web Technologies

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