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Wideband Sub-6 GHz Micro strip Antenna: Design & Fabrication

EasyChair Preprint no. 2589

4 pagesDate: February 6, 2020


In this paper, wideband micro strip antenna has been presented for Sub-6 GHz applications. The proposed antenna is designed using partial ground architecture. This antenna is designed with a 40x30x1.6 mm dimensions and fabricated on the Fr-4 substrate. The proposed antenna maintains the return loss less than -10 dB from 3 GHz to 5.64 GHz. The proposed gain is changing from 1.73 to 3.22 dB and radiation efficiency is having maximum value of 90%. The radiation pattern shows the characteristics of end fire antenna.

Keyphrases: efficiency, Gain, Micro strip antenna, partial ground, Sub-6 GHz

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