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Backstepping Sliding Mode Control Strategy of Non-Contact 6-DOF Lorentz Force Platform

EasyChair Preprint no. 4346

6 pagesDate: October 10, 2020


With the development of aerospace technology, more and more scientific activities are carried out in the universe. Due to the microgravity environment of space, the force and control of the 6-DOF platform are completely different from those on the earth. Aiming at the 6-DOF non-contact platform in space microgravity environment, this paper built a virtual prototype model in ADAMS. The control-oriented dynamics equations were derived according to the model parameters. And the 6-DOF backstepping sliding mode controller and interference observer were designed in MATLAB/Simulink. Combining virtual prototype model and control system, the co-simulation model was proposed. According to the simulation results, the 6-DOF backstepping sliding mode controller can control the dynamic equation model or virtual prototype model within 0.5s effectively. And the correctness of the dynamic model is verified. In the simulation of applying sweep interference to the floating platform, it can be concluded that after 2s, the controller designed in this paper can control the displacement and angle of the floating platform within 2.5×10-6 m and 1.5×10-5 rad, which were lower than the traditional sliding mode controller by 90% and 78.6%, respectively. However, the input forces of biaxial non-contact Lorentz force drivers were within 1N, which is only 17.2% of the traditional sliding mode controller.

Keyphrases: backstepping sliding mode control, Control-oriented, interference observer, non-contact platform, Virtual Prototype

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