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Experimental Analysis of Nano-Carbon Doped Alumina for Industrial Applications

EasyChair Preprint no. 8308

6 pagesDate: June 19, 2022


In this paper, nano-carbon doped aluminum oxide has been synthesized by chemical vapour deposition (CVD) methodology. The electrical properties of developed samples were measured by Auto-lab PGSTAT with frequency range 10μHz – 32MHz with resolution 0.003% whereas fractographical analysis of the samples was performed by scanning microscopy from Zeiss evo eighteen. The experimental frequency response plots illustrated that nano-carbon doped alumina may be utilized as Low pass filter for top frequency discontinue at 9000 Hz in electronic industrial applications. The energy dispersive X-ray chemical analysis (EDS or EDX) of nano- carbon doped alumina showed a metal- insulator transition development happens to be at 30% nano carbon mass doping in aluminum. The fractographical analysis of nano-carbon doped alumina revealed the minimum voids, defects and porousness that cause marginal deviation in electrical properties at higher temperature.

Keyphrases: Fractographical analysis, low-pass filter, metal-insulator transition

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