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The Future of Quantum Computer

EasyChair Preprint no. 4958

6 pagesDate: February 3, 2021


Quantum Computer is a machine that is used for Quantum Computation with the help of using Quantum Physics properties. Where classical computers encode information in binary “bits” that can either 0s or 1s but quantum computer use Qubits. Like the classical computer, the Quantum computer also uses 0 and 1, but qubits have a third state that allows them to represent one or zero at the same time and it’s called “Superposition”. This research paper has presented the Basics of Quantum Computer and The Future of Quantum Computer. So why Quantum Computer can be Future Computer, Because Quantum Computer is faster than any other computer, as an example, IBM’s Computer Deep Blue examined 200 million possible chess moves each second. Quantum Computer would be able to examine 1 trillion possible chess moves per second. It can be 100 million times faster than a classical computer. The computer makes human life easier and also focuses on increasing performance to make technology better. One such way is to reduce the size of the transistor and another way is to use Quantum Computer. The main purpose of this paper is to know that how Quantum Computers can become the future computer.

Keyphrases: computation, entanglement, quantum bits, superposition, transistor

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