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SMC Control Action with PI Sliding Surface for Non Linear Plant Along with Changing Set Point

EasyChair Preprint no. 849

6 pagesDate: March 23, 2019


The paper present, a discrete time sliding mode controller (DSMC) is proposed for higher order plus delay time (HOPDT) processes. A sliding mode surface is chosen as an element of system states and error and the tuning parameters of sliding mode controller are determined using dominant pole placement strategy. The control object for “ball in a cylinder” is to regulate the speed of a fan blowing air into a cylinder so as to keep a ball suspended at some predetermined position in the cylinder. The DSMC is built to regulate the ball’s position automatically. Although conceptually simple, this is a difficult control problem due to the non- linear effects on the ball and the complex physics governing its behavior. Furthermore, the ball is extremely sensitive to any external disturbances from the fan. Taken together, it is difficult to be controlled by the traditional mathematics, and not easily captured in simulated or mathematical comparisons of control algorithms. The simulation and experimentation results show that the proposed method ensures desired tracking dynamics. The excellence of current proposed framework is it permits tracking of change in real time set point. This device to experimentally compare a traditional PID controller and DSMC controller. The outcomes show noteworthy contrasts in the execution attributes of the controllers.

Keyphrases: DSMC, HOPDT, PID controller, SMC

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