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Investigation of Plastic Hinge Length for Reinforced Concrete Wall

EasyChair Preprint no. 2696

30 pagesDate: February 18, 2020


This study investigates the effect of certain parameters on the magnitude of plastic hinge length of RC shear walls and to propose an analytical expression for estimating the plastic hinge length. A finite element model was analyzed and validated with experimental test results for an existing study and a parametric study was performed for it. The established results were according to several parameters such as axial load ratio, slenderness ratio and wall length. The numerical results showed a different impact of these parameters on the formation of the plastic hinge length. In this study, a new simple expression was derived based on those parameters using statistical package software. Proposed plastic hinge expression was compared with the results of plastic hinge length obtained from FE analysis. Finally, the accuracy of the proposed equation was validated by using the shear wall results from literature researches.

Keyphrases: finite element analysis, parametric study, plastic hinge length, Reinforced shear wall

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