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Does AI Qualify for the Job? A Bidirectional Model Mapping Labour and AI Intensities

EasyChair Preprint no. 2451, version 2

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12 pagesDate: February 4, 2020


In this paper we present a setting for examining the relation between the distribution of research intensity in AI research and the relevance for a range of work tasks (and occupations) in current and simulated scenarios. We perform a mapping between labour and AI using a set of cognitive abilities as an intermediate layer. This setting favours a two-way interpretation to analyse (1) what impact current or simulated AI research activity has or would have on labour-related tasks and occupations, and (2) what areas of AI research activity would be responsible for a desired or undesired effect on specific labour tasks and occupations. Concretely, in our analysis we map 59 generic labour-related tasks from several worker surveys and databases to 14 cognitive abilities from the cognitive science literature, and these to a comprehensive list of 328 AI benchmarks used to evaluate progress in AI techniques. We provide this model and its implementation as a tool for simulations. We also show the effectiveness of our setting with some illustrative examples.

Keyphrases: AI activity, AI and labour, AI benchmarks, AI impact on jobs, AI intensity, cognitive abilities

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