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Assertive Communication-a Determining Factor in Increasing the Student's Self-Esteem

EasyChair Preprint no. 6869

6 pagesDate: October 18, 2021


The basic indicator of the success of the didactic discourse is the communication competence. It marks both the level of performance that ensures the efficiency of message transmission and reception and a favorable institutional climate. Assertiveness in communication involves the ability to express our thoughts, feelings, and desires without harming or violating their rights. Current educational policies consider that insufficiently developed communication skills are associated with poor school performance, anxiety, behavioral problems, difficulties in adapting to society. Difficulties in establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships reduce the quality of the learning process, which leads to a decrease in school performance. Communication and relationship skills are a protective factor, facilitating risk behaviors and crisis situations. In this order of ideas, assertiveness plays a very important role in school life, becoming a useful link between the teacher and his students, helping them to know and understand each other for a good collaboration.

Keyphrases: assertive communication, components of assertiveness, students, teacher

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