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Flexible Multibody Simulation of a Medium Weight Shock Machine

EasyChair Preprint no. 13333

2 pagesDate: May 17, 2024


Equipment mounted on warship vessels must be designed to withstand the accelerations caused by underwater explosions (UNDEX) without contact with the hull. Depending on the characteristics of the equipment, its shock endurance is validated on a different shock testing machine. This work studies the dynamic simulation of a shock test on a Medium Weight Shock Machine (MWSM) using multibody methods. The multibody simulation involves flexible bodies that deform under the action of shock (impact) forces. The flexibility is parameterized using the modal reduction technique by means of eigenmodes and static modes under the framework of the Floating Frame of Reference (FFR) method.

Keyphrases: Flexible multibody dynamics, impact dynamics, MWSM, Shock test

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