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Influence of Advertising on Consumer Behaviour with Respect to Soft Drinks

EasyChair Preprint no. 7396

10 pagesDate: January 30, 2022


Advertisement acts as an inevitable ingredient for marketing in soft drinks, leading to striving the brand value and its credentials. Soft drink marketing is all about representing an image through different perspectives, such as presenting a good and joyful moment, demonstrating hard work and dedication, amongst others. The main concern is to analyze the influencing factor and the prominent impacting role of the advertisement on the consumer's buying behavior to buy soft drinks of the particular brand. For appropriate analysis of the key factors which had an impact on the consumer buying attitude and based on that psychology, the companies formulate the advertisement and the slogan food their branding. The research was conducted based on specific questionnaires and distinct factors of preference which are the key ingredients for the qualitative methodology. The Results try to evaluate the research question appropriately based on the statistical data obtained from the sampling survey, which shows the customers' behaviour and their like toward the product and reveals whether the advertising tactics influenced customers.

Keyphrases: Advertisement, Consumer buying behavior., Dedication

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