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Regional Histories of the UK and Ireland’s Arcade Coin-Op Industry

EasyChair Preprint no. 10384

5 pagesDate: June 12, 2023


In its conception, this panel follows the continuing growth in interest local game histories (see e.g. Swalwell, 2021; Wade and Webber, 2016) where hyperlocal, local and regional influences sway the development, distribution and marketing of coin-op games at the national, international and supranational level. Each panel member will discuss the hyperlocal, local and regional aspect of games’ historical formation respectively in the context of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The aim of this panel's research is to contribute to building a more detailed picture of local coin-op gaming histories at micro level. Our methodological approach includes significant involvement from industry voices, who provide an essential first-hand reference to the stories of these local scenes as they've evolved over the decades. We intend to expand and reinforce scholarly understanding of the wider national and global industry dynamics of the arcade coin-op gaming industry.

Keyphrases: arcade, Coin-Op, Ireland, local game histories, regional, UK, videogames

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