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Tourist Guide

EasyChair Preprint no. 5703

4 pagesDate: June 4, 2021


This app will be helpful for those who are visiting any places in India and don’t have any idea about it. Also, the project tourist guide provides the tourist with city map depending on its current location entered by the phone user. This information helps the tourists to find the desired locations to visit. Well, it consists of entire details of those locations or how to reach the location as well as other emergency amenities like hospitals, institutes, bus stops etc. but it provides the basic information to decide the places to visit. This project is mainly beneficial for the tourist’s having no idea about the places they want to visit. By providing geographic based information system the tourists and people shifting to new cities can get a better guidance of the places they want to visit. This proposed application does not require any internet access and thus eliminates the disadvantage of single point failure. This application has many advantages as the user can view the required location in map according to his/her choice and accordingly find the time that will be required to reach the required destination. The application will give the basic details that will be required to know about the place such as an image of that place along with basic details like the address, contact no, charges etc. Also, it will provide information about hotels, restaurant etc. where a person can stay according to their spends.

Keyphrases: Mapping, Navigation, Routing, Tourism

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