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Ideas and Innovation in Intelligence Learning

EasyChair Preprint no. 4115

4 pagesDate: August 31, 2020


In various international report artificial intelligence is must emerging Technology field in education Technology in the world in the current time artificial intelligence in machine learning is a remarkable transformation for all educationist and required to improve the effectiveness of Technology but many challenges must we find to maintain these improvements greatly exceed the scope of any single task it might be education Technology it can improve the teacher training and there is kills better for the school and college programs because the need of hour in current days all education atmosphere is adaptive this education system aim to reduce the entire content and create the best way for a student learning in that sense education content will reduce and learning efficiency of student will be increase but present learning system is taking adaptive student learning according to their learning style and find this is a crucial step in making e learning traditional education adaptive learning model have been suggested literature that is not readily available software tool that provide the flexibility to select and implement the most suitable learning model it is suggested that this is tool to be displayed in a cloud environment to provide a scalable solutions that offers easy and rapid determinations are learning style.

Keyphrases: ALGORITHM FOR A.I., Fuzzy Logic, LEARNING DELTA, neural network, software tools

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