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Indoor Plant System Smart Irrigation Controller

EasyChair Preprint no. 10330

5 pagesDate: June 4, 2023


Agriculture is a vital part of the Bangladeshi economy since it creates jobs and fuels expansion. But water shortage during the growing season is a serious problem for many farmers in different parts of the world. Low agricultural yields caused by insufficient water availability have a deleterious effect on farmers' incomes and the local economy. In addition, multi-story farming facilities on terraces are crucial in metropolitan areas, where land is rare, to supply the rising demand for agricultural products. However, some people may not be able to commit to terrace gardening because to their lifestyle or work schedule. That's why an effective multi-tiered automated water irrigation system that can keep plants from drying out is so crucial. In order to solve this pressing problem, this study suggests collecting and utilising rainwater efficiently. The suggested technique makes use of sensor technology to equally distribute water according to the individual needs of the location and crop type, reducing water waste and labor expenses. Particularly in metropolitan locations where access to farmland is restricted, this approach has the potential to greatly improve agricultural output and sustainability. The suggested multilayer autonomous water irrigation system has the potential to significantly contribute to the growth of agricultural output while also fostering more environmentally friendly methods of production.

Keyphrases: Automatic Palting, GNL (General Public License), indoor, moisture sensor

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