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The Swachh Bin

EasyChair Preprint no. 9298

5 pagesDate: November 10, 2022


In the recent decades, Urbanization has increased tremendously. At the same phase there is an increase in waste production. Waste management has been a crucial issue to be considered. This paper is a way to achieve this good cause. In this paper, smart bin is built on a microcontrollerbased platform Esp 32 microcontroller board which is interfaced with GSM modem and Ultrasonic sensor. Ultrasonic sensor is placed at the top of the dustbin which will measure the stature of the dustbin. The threshold stature is set as 10cm. Arduino will be programmed in such a way that when the dustbin is being filled, the remaining height from the threshold height will be displayed. Once the garbage reaches the threshold level ultrasonic sensor will trigger the GSM modem which will continuously alert the required authority until the garbage in the dustbin is squashed. Once the dustbin is squashed, people can reuse the dustbin. At regular intervals dustbin will be squashed. Once these smart bins are implemented on a large scale, by replacing our traditional bins present today, waste can be managed efficiently as it avoids unnecessary lumping of wastes on roadside. Foul smell from these rotten wastes that remain untreated for a long time, due to negligence of authorities and carelessness of public may lead to long term problems. Breeding of insects and mosquitoes can create nuisance around promoting unclean environment. This may even cause dreadful diseases.

Keyphrases: Esp32 interface, GSM modem, Servo motor, Ultrasonic sensor

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