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Development of a Bi-level TO-Based Co-design Pipeline for the RePAIR Robotic Platform

EasyChair Preprint no. 9013

4 pagesDate: October 6, 2022


We present a bi-level co-design pipeline employed for the optimization of a set of relevant relevant kinematic parameters of the bi-manual robotic platform under development for the european project RePAIR. In particular, the bottom level consists of a monolithic co-design framework, based on trajectory optimization, which jointly optimizes for design and state variables. The framework employs a kinematic model of the system and accounts for collisions, state bounds, a number of user-defined tasks, while minimizing a suitable performance index. The top level employs a three-step heuristic globalization algorithm which performs several calls to the low level TO to cope with the observed sensitivity of the TO solution w.r.t. the choice of the initial guess.

Keyphrases: Clustering, co-design, Manipulability, repair, trajectory optimization

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