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An Open Vehicle-in-the-Loop Test Method for Autonomous Vehicle

EasyChair Preprint no. 1963

5 pagesDate: November 16, 2019


Aiming at the safety verification problems of autonomous vehicles in complex environments, this paper proposes a novel vehicle-in-the-loop test method and discusses the key technologies of the method. The test system consists of simulation environment, control center and automatic test vehicle. Firstly, it can map the virtual scene in the simulation environment to the real test environment through the control center and drive the automatic test vehicle to complete the test cases. Secondly, performance indicators such as intelligent perception and behavioral decision-making of the tested self-driving car can be quickly collected through sensor and data fusion. Then a closed loop system is built based on the virtual simulation scene, control center, automatic test vehicle and the tested vehicle. The virtual scene can meet the requirements of testing the performance of the autonomous vehicle under various scenarios.

Keyphrases: autonomous vehicle, test method, VIL

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