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Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approaches for Warehouse Layout and Design: a Literature Survey

EasyChair Preprint no. 6538

10 pagesDate: September 4, 2021


Warehouse layout and design is a major input in terms of the total costs of the enterprise, as well as playing a key role in increasing the level of competition of the enterprise. Decision problems are encountered at the tactical and operational level in warehouse management, which is of high importance. With the literature review studies, it is emphasized that Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) applications should be handled as highly qualified or multi-purpose problems and that the problems should be compatible with real life problems. It has uncertain conditions because the real-life problems are taken into account and the criteria contain contradictory features. In this case, it becomes a difficult task to choose the best location for the product / raw materials. For this reason, the aim of this study is to examine the MCDM applications in the field of warehouse layout and design comprehensively. This literature study has been carried out with relevant keywords on different international databases. In the literature review, it has been determined that the most used techniques in the field of warehouse layout and design, which are carried out by applying the MCDM methods, are the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), ELECTRE TRI and PROMETHEE, and it has been found that MCDM methods are used as an integrated manner in order to deal with the advantages to be obtained by using more than one MCDM method in its field. In addition, the suggestions were presented to researchers for further studies.

Keyphrases: literature survey, Multi-criteria decision making, warehouse design, warehouse layout

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