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Psychological Characteristics of Foreign Languages Speakers

EasyChair Preprint no. 4407

2 pagesDate: October 16, 2020


The results of psychological characteristics study of the speakers foreign languages ​​are presented.

Students with special educational needs in foreign languages learning ​​of the Alliance Française cultural center and of the Southern Federal University (46 people) took part at the research. They were divided into three conditional groups: 1) bilinguals, 2) multilinguals and 3) monolinguals.

We revealed the dominance of a realistic style of thinking, a tendency to passivity in behavior and a high level of attachment in bilinguals, in contrast to polilinguals (p <0.05) and also a higher level of aggression in polylinguals in contrast to bilinguals (p <0.05).  

It is concluded that the differences in the psychological characteristics of bilinguals and polilinguals are due to the characteristics of their dominant thinking styles.

Keyphrases: bilinguals, foreign languages, Polylinguals, psychological characteristics, special educational needs

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