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Performance Evaluation of Cache-Based V2V Broadcasting in Metropolitan Areas

EasyChair Preprint no. 13052

8 pagesDate: April 20, 2024


With the increasing popularity of vehicular communication systems, cache-based Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) broadcasting has emerged as a promising solution for efficient content delivery in metropolitan areas. This abstract delves into methodologies for evaluating the performance and effectiveness of cache-based V2V broadcasting, considering critical factors such as data popularity, cache placement strategies, and content delivery efficiency.

Firstly, data popularity analysis is essential for understanding the distribution and demand patterns of content among vehicles in urban environments. Metrics such as content popularity distribution and temporal dynamics help in modeling the frequency and intensity of content requests, guiding cache placement strategies.

Secondly, cache placement strategies play a crucial role in determining the efficiency of content delivery. Various methodologies, including probabilistic caching, social-aware caching, and location-based caching, need evaluation to identify optimal placement strategies. Simulation-based studies, incorporating realistic vehicular mobility traces and content request patterns, provide insights into the performance of different cache placement approaches.

Keyphrases: Cache Placement Strategies, Cache-based V2V broadcasting, Content Delivery Efficiency, data popularity, metropolitan areas, performance evaluation, Simulation-Based Studies, Vehicular Communication Systems

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