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Research Trends & Challenges in Control of Micro Grid

EasyChair Preprint no. 4752

10 pagesDate: December 20, 2020


The interest on micro grid has increased significantly triggered by the Increasing demand of reliable, secure, efficient, clean, and sustainable electricity. A comprehensive review on current control technology is given with a discussion on challenges of micro grid controls. Microgrids (MGs) are new emerging concept in electrical engineering. Apart from their many benefits, there are many problems and challenges in the integration of this concept in power systems such as their control and stability, which can be solved by Energy Storage Systems (ESSs). A discussion about the control methods of ESSs and future trends are also presented Finally, research needs and road map for micro grid control are also described. Under normal operating conditions, a Micro Grid (MG) is interconnected with the Medium Voltage (MV) network. Combining information and power technologies, the efficiency and reliability of the power network have been improved dramatically. The objective is to maximize the use of renewable energy while driving efficiently the storage system

Keyphrases: dynamic stability power system restoration, Micro-controllers, State of Charge (SOC)

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