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Psychology and Marketing: Rating Structure of Brand Happiness with Their Issues and Effects

EasyChair Preprint no. 7449

10 pagesDate: February 11, 2022


The concept brand happiness was introduced as encouraging new branding asset in recent intellectual discussion. The Scientific proof of brand happiness was found with strong worthiness and its features of emotional success. High superior power influences the brand behaviour to meet requirements of brand happiness which plays an important role as brand goal and it helps to identify from other emotional concepts such as, competition and word of mouth, emotional brand supplementary. In this study field, to give important new awareness the authors developed a theoretically rating structure of issues and effects of brand happiness and with pragmatic verify of four industry sectors. Features of brand relationship, Cross industry innovation, brand goal consistency, self-supporting of brand, Ideal brand balance are playing a major role of brand rating issues and brand happiness, fairness are confirmed as important phenomena in rating issues of brand happiness. In cross industry level, variabilities are viewed and they are influenced by some of brand rating issues on brand happiness and some rating issues on brand happiness beyond the four analysed industry. There are five manageable strategies which was forecasted by brand happiness and was assist by social power are brand instruction, brand absolution, problem related strategy, emotional related strategy and price premium.

Keyphrases: Brand Behavior, Brand Happiness, Brand Management

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