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Smart Garbage Monitoring System

EasyChair Preprint no. 2174

4 pagesDate: December 16, 2019


There has been a rapid growth in the pace of environmental development in the past few years and thus there is an immediate need of a well-planned and urbanization plans. Now, using new and emerging technology and sustainable approach, the concept of smart cities is gaining momentum all around the globe. And so a smart city would be incomplete without an intelligent waste management system. Also, the scenario of cleanliness with respect to garbage management is degrading tremendously. Proper waste management techniques are very crucial to control the garbage menace which has spread everywhere. The paper elucidates the application of our project “Smart Bin” in managing the garbage collection system of our surroundings. The idea of Smart Dustbin is for Colleges, buildings, schools, bus stands, parks, hospitals and other community areas. Smart bin is an improvement of a regular dustbin by raising it to be an intelligent product using logic and sensors. The smart dustbin is a novel and innovative idea of implementation which makes a regular dustbin intelligent using sensors for garbage level detection and its other physical parameters. The network of sensors enabled bin helps to provide an automatic open and close facility and the analysis of the data regarding the height of the waste-filled in the dustbin at a particular time along with reporting the physical condition of the bin such as temperature and moisture to identify whether the type of garbage disposed of is solid or wet. Audio will be played every time the lid of the bin is opened which create awareness among people regarding the concept of blue and green bins. The real-time analytics of the bin with show the conscious response of the people when they spill the trash into the bin. The paper also aims at promoting further insightful research on the topic.

Keyphrases: Analytics, Internet of Things(IoT), logics, Sensors, Smart Dustbin, waste management

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