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Transforming Supply Chains with Intelligent Automation: the Role of Generative AI

EasyChair Preprint no. 12932

17 pagesDate: April 6, 2024


Intelligent automation, empowered by generative artificial intelligence (AI), is revolutionizing traditional supply chain operations, offering unprecedented opportunities for efficiency and innovation. This abstract delves into the transformative impact of generative AI in intelligent automation within supply chains, exploring how AI-powered robots, autonomous vehicles, and smart warehouses are reshaping the landscape of supply chain management.

Generative AI serves as a cornerstone of intelligent automation, enabling machines to perceive, learn, and adapt to complex supply chain environments. AI-powered robots, equipped with generative AI capabilities, automate repetitive tasks such as picking, packing, and sorting within warehouses, enhancing operational efficiency and order accuracy. Moreover, generative AI algorithms optimize resource allocation and scheduling, ensuring seamless coordination across the logistics network and minimizing bottlenecks.

Autonomous vehicles represent another breakthrough in supply chain automation, leveraging generative AI for navigation, route optimization, and real-time decision-making. By integrating generative AI algorithms, autonomous vehicles enhance fleet efficiency, reduce transportation costs, and mitigate risks associated with human error. Furthermore, generative AI enables autonomous vehicles to adapt to dynamic traffic conditions and unforeseen disruptions, ensuring timely and reliable deliveries.

Keyphrases: AI-powered robots, autonomous vehicles, competitiveness, Generative AI, Intelligent Automation, supply chain

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