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Customer Friendly Shopping Cart

EasyChair Preprint no. 1781

4 pagesDate: October 27, 2019


Nowadays world is well developed and making human life easier, thus so far with every passing time we are using technology almost everywhere. A shopping mart is a place where many customers look in on every day. People purchase different items and put them in cart. After total purchase one needs to go to billing counter for payment. At the Point Of Sales (POS) there is a bar code scanner which is a time consuming process and results in long queues at POS. Based on the a research, it shows that the highest element feedback from customers is budget control. This paper intends to overcome the complexity of shopping by making the billing automated while the user is shopping, just as to reduce the queue at the POS and it reduces the man power as well. This virtual cart contains a screen on it which keeps displaying the total amount of the items being shopped. It also allows the user to keep checking on the cart screen if he/she is going over the estimated budget. Developing a virtual cart for the comfort of people while shopping is another step towards the technology and to groom our society.

Keyphrases: Firebase Database, IoT (Internet of Things), Raspberry Pi

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