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Analysis of Hydro Climatological Disaster Management for Resilient City in Surabaya

EasyChair Preprint no. 4120

12 pagesDate: September 1, 2020


This research examines how Surabaya manages hydro climatological disaster risks with disaster management. Behind the success story of Surabaya in managing the urban risk of flooding in early January 2020 in just three hours, how the disaster management work not only by increasing the capacity but also reduce the hazard and vulnerability by the city. Surabaya already has a system to elaborating strategy for disaster management with a cycle model of pre-disaster, emergency response and post-disaster as a city resilient effort.

This research uses descriptive qualitative method with a case study approach, to investiigate an urban disaster problem that has occurred in Surabaya. This research was designed from January 2020 as a preliminary study and research implementation in May to July 2020. Focus research on stakeholders directly involved in the preparation of efforts or strategies for disaster management represented by the Disaster Management and Community Protection Agency (BPBLINMAS) and the City Planning and Development Agency (BAPPEKO) in Surabaya through interviews, observations (direct and indirect) and document studies.

The results found in this research are the level of hydro climatological disaster risk in the city of Surabaya is high but the threat can be reduced by managing vulnerability and increasing capacity. Surabaya has chosen to manage hydro climatological risks by conducting socialization, education and simulations to improve community preparedness to face the risk of hydro climatological disasters. Structural and non-structural mitigation is also carried out as an effort to reduce the impact of disasters. In the event of a disaster, the city government to help the community through related institution as a partners of the city government. Until the post-disaster with rehabilitation and reconstruction stage, six strategies that have a dual function in the development and improvement of the welfare of citizens.

Keyphrases: Disaster Management, Hydro Climatology, Resilient City

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