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Marketing Intelligence System: Build up an Effective Future Decision in Business

EasyChair Preprint no. 7420

9 pagesDate: February 3, 2022


From this study we can learn about how marketing intelligence system helps to take a better decision for marketers. In marketing world build their environment with high standard technologies and future planning strategies. Many of the participants of market play their roles effectively and take important decision according to their knowledge towards the current market research and marketing intelligence. Marketing intelligence which is collection of data, analyses it and guide to take best decision for future policies and strategies. Decision making plays a vital role in success of business because best decision makes business to achieve their goals. The aim of the study is to find that marketing intelligences are make the business in effective manner and it encourages the marketers to take decision in positive way. We conclude with conceptual framework towards which components of marketing intelligence are influence the decision of marketers.

Keyphrases: decision making, Marketers, Marketing Intelligence

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