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System to Transform Sound Energy into Electricity

EasyChair Preprint no. 2624

8 pagesDate: February 10, 2020


In the recent developments taking place over past decades we have witnessed tremendous success in upgrading technology, the lifestyles of people, the degree of science intelligence and the environment around us. Root aspects of all such development lies with respect to the concept that involves the study of conversion of one form of energy to other desired forms. It's an endeavor to bring out the technology that are human beneficiary and it is achieved by the proper utilization of the energy from our surroundings such as the present developments includes energy conversion from sun(solar), wind, ocean, tides, biogas chemical energies and so on. Similarly we have brought up with an idea of new energy conversion which involves the utilization of sound energy, mainly those mechanical waves (sound waves), that are above the human audible range and which tend to be hazardous to humans. The attempt is done to convert the sound energy to any desired energy form; basically the output of this conversion is focused to get in form of electrical energy. This energy can then be utilized to many events such as for tube lights, charging the batteries, fans etc., The sources for the input sound can be from engines, horns in railways, the sonic sounds in airplanes and jet planes, the loud Mike systems, the speaker systems in large functions, the traffic sounds such sound waves are used to convert into electrical energy which will be tremendously beneficial to humans. The attempt is to achieve the aim of producing/supplying free electricity to the world.

Keyphrases: Free electricity, nanotechnology diaphragms, sound energy

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