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European CEN-CENELEC Standardization on Material Efficiency for longer lifespan within Circular Economy

EasyChair Preprint no. 487

10 pagesDate: September 6, 2018


The European standardization organizations (CEN, CENELEC & ETSI) agreed on the request from the European Commission for drafting a series of horizontal and generic standards in the field of Material Efficiency aspects supporting the Circular Economy. This paper will describe the EU regulation context, the CEN-CENELEC standardization structure and membership, the organization setup for managing the work already started. It will describe the objectives of the 10-standard series that will be possibly for direct use by manufacturers or by CEN-CLC product Committees in charge of drafting product oriented standards as regards requirements from the EU Ecodesign Directive.

A summary of the expected requirements issued from these draft documents will be presented for the different topics developed for the Material Efficiency of Energy related Products (ErPs), that will apply to equipment and systems. The general topics are the durability, the ability to re-manufacture, the ability to repair, upgrade and reuse, the recyclability and recoverability, the proportion of re-used components and recycled material, the declaration of critical raw materials, the information provided to the users of ErPs. Beyond these topics mainly covered by the standards dealing with dependability domain, a focus from functional approaches to durability assessment methods aiming how longer lifespan of products would be assessed will be presented inside this paper.

Based on examples some additional information will highlight the industries and organizations to prepare the inputs optimization that could be implemented in product oriented Material Efficiency standards that would be derived from the current standardization work in process.

Keyphrases: circular economy, Durability, Material efficiency

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