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Standards for Achieving a Comfortable Design for the Alzheimer's Patients Pathways

EasyChair Preprint no. 5552

12 pagesDate: May 19, 2021


The elderly is an essential part of society. Through their interaction with their surrounding environment and their personal experiences. They were categorized into several levels based on the physiological and psychological needs. Alzheimer's patients constitute a good percentage within society, but there is no accurate percentage. Where the patient suffers from a progressive lack of spatial awareness, studies have developed several criteria to study semi-open spaces intended for the elderly. However, it did not set design standards. Consequently, this paper examines the design standards and requirements for Alzheimer's patients. A virtual practical study that simulates optimal standards.

Keyphrases: Alzheimer patients, Alzheimer's disease, Architecture, Dementia, Elderly, Pathway criteria, pathway design, pathway evaluation, planning

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