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Proposal for a Transformation Project in Higher Education to Reinforce Foreign Languages Using the Design Thinking Method

EasyChair Preprint no. 8802

10 pagesDate: September 6, 2022


In this new civilization marked by uncertainty and competition, transformation has become a new rule. It provides new solutions which integrate digital technology and change the way things are done. It is in this context that we propose a project of transformation, or even innovation, in the academic environment and more particularly in Moroccan universities. It is about presenting a solution to a problem encountered in higher education, which is the difficulties in foreign languages, that negatively impact the whole learning process. Through this work, we present a creative project based on the design thinking method, with the development of a digital platform solution, based on Artificial Intelligence for the profit of students. Throughout the apprehension of this project, the design thinking method allowed to bring out new ideas to improve the student's experience in the field of foreign language training. Several tools were developed: use case map, value proposition canvas, teast and leran card; etc. A prototyping is in progress with several steps including the introduction of the project to stakeholders; a campaign for student involvement and the conception of a digital platform for foreign language training. Our project can be of over-reaching importance. For Moroccan universities, through an increase in the abilities of their students, and consequently a greater international influence. The gains will also be numerous for the students currently in difficulty ; a boost to their language level and a success in their academic career and later in their professional career.

Keyphrases: Design Thinking, digital platform, foreign languages, Moroccan students, transformation

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