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Utilization of VIIRS Imagery in Analyzing Light Pollution as the Threat Towards Bird Sleep Performance in the Regional of Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia

EasyChair Preprint no. 6742

11 pagesDate: October 3, 2021


The decline in biodiversity is strongly influenced by anthropogenic activities, especially land-use changes and urbanization that cause ecosystem imbalances, even causing ecological disasters. Population growth causes more massive human activities, both during the day and at night. This study will focus on human activities at night in excessive use of artificial light which causes light pollution which results in the disruption to the bird's sleep performance around densely populated areas of human activity. Excessive light causes disturbances in the balance of the surrounding ecosystem, especially the disturbance to the bird performance and behavior change so that this causes habitat stress. The focal area in this study is the region of Medan, North Sumatra Province with the consideration that this province is one of the most populated in Sumatra Island and the region of Medan is the densest in population because situated around the metropolitan area, which surely has massive human activities. This study aims to calculate the magnitude of the threat to the bird performance due to light pollution by utilizing the VIIRS Stray Light Corrected Nighttime Day/Night Band Composites Version 1 satellite image which was analyzed with GIS and Remote Sensing devices combined with infrastructure parameters to support the emergence of artificial light. This study found that 43,9 % of the area in The Region of Medan has light pollution with the highest threat in residential areas and is highly concentrated in Medan City. In the medium zone of bird occupation, the high polluted at the number of 91.2%, in the high zone of bird occupation the high polluted at the number of 0.54%. This threat has begun to penetrate the vegetated area (the forest edge) which is the natural habitat of various wild animals. The area that is less disturbed by the threat of light pollution is found in the northwestern part.

Keyphrases: bird sleep performance, ecosystem, light pollution, population

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