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The Perception of the Combination of Simulations and Laboratory Experiments by Moroccan Students

EasyChair Preprint no. 8335

14 pagesDate: June 21, 2022


All over the world, secondary school students are losing interest in the physical sciences. The causes of this problem are diverse. To increase the motivation of learners, pedagogues recommend the integration of practical work in an effective way in the teaching process of experimental disciplines such as physical sciences. However, this work does not fill the gap between theory and practice. Simulation is of great interest in electricity, as it allows for the simplification of the real systems under study. Also, simulation can serve as a link between theoretical concepts and laboratory work.   In this paper, we have proposed an approach based on the combination of simulation (virtual experiment) and laboratory work (real experiment) to teach electrical concepts. This approach is used to teach concepts related to capacitor operations. The proposed simulation allows students to change the parameters of the experiment and explore the phenomenon of capacitor charging. To measure the degree of user satisfaction with this approach, a questionnaire was administered to eighty students from a randomly selected high school. The results obtained show a favorable perception among the students of the positive effects of the combination of virtual and real experiences of electrical phenomena in the acquisition of electrical concepts.

Keyphrases: Capacitor charging phenomenon, Electrical concepts, laboratory work, motivation, Physics, PSPICE simulator, simulation

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