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Analysis Dehumanization’s Paulo Freire Theory for Christian Education at Destructive Era

EasyChair Preprint no. 2199

9 pagesDate: December 19, 2019


Paulo Freire is one of the Brazil’s icons that have a role about marginal education. According to him dehumanize not only them who has been taken their humanity but also the taken its one of pure disorder to be a true human. Even though dehumanize is the concrete history fact, not only receiving faith but the unfairness regulation that makes humanization, then followed by dehumanize of marginal. For it the marginal cannot turn back to occupied, but to healing both humanity. Main focus of writer research is disability that has been ignoring by society. The people who hasn’t get their right as the citizen or the color of church then by Dehumanization theory disability can give effort to freedom not only receiving (bank style education) everything that given based on negative stigma of society but still develop themselves at this destructive era. The writer purpose is to develop humanization theory Paulo Freire for disability that useful for Christian education. The research will be library research by qualitative analysis from Paulo Freire books and also disability. From Freire dehumanization, disability can be a critical person not continuously suppressed by sovereign.

Keyphrases: Christian, dehumanization, Disability, Education, Paulo Freire

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