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Condition Assessment of Existing Water Retaining Structures

EasyChair Preprint no. 4791

9 pagesDate: December 25, 2020


Corrosion of reinforcement is the most significant cause of premature deterioration of reinforced concrete structures. Many of the concrete structures, which have been exposed to aggressive environments, suffer from durability problems and fail to fulfill their design service life requirements. Chloride induced corrosion is considered to be one of the major deterioration mechanism in reducing the service life of reinforced concrete structure which is subjected to aggressive environment. The condition assessment of structures over a period of time is mandatory with routine monitoring. The majority of water supply systems have some form of water storage tanks, most often constructed from reinforced concrete. These tanks are an integral part of the potable water distribution network but are often taken for granted from a maintenance and condition assessment point of view. To ensure the durability and sustainability they should be adequately inspected and maintained, a condition assessment system must be used. The objective of this study was to proposed a system for performed a condition assessment of existing reinforced concrete water retaining structures and to identify the deterioration process of the structures. The visual inspection and Non-destructive test data were carried out at the locations of water retaining structures identified in Galle, Matara and Hambanthota districts in Sri Lanka. Analytical Hierarchy Process was used to evaluate the condition state of the water retaining structures.

Keyphrases: Aggressive environments, Analytical Hierarchy Process, Chloride-induced corrosion, condition assessment, Non-destructive tests, Visual inspections

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