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Multi-Dimensional Crises: The European Refugee Response

EasyChair Preprint no. 1098

28 pagesDate: June 6, 2019


The Refugee Crisis in Europe from 2015 to the present resulted from multiple crises requiring public, NGO and voluntary responses (Francart and Borton, 2016; UNHCR, 2017). A cross-sectoral interorganizational partnering approach served as the primary perspective to view and evaluate these multiple stakeholder responses (Comfort, 2007; Kapucu, 2008; Martin, Nolte and Vitolo, 2016; Nolte and Boenigk, 2011; Raju and Becker, 2013). Strategy and learning received much attention in this transboundary crisis (Moynihan, 2008). Practitioners and researchers logically asked what lessons learned could be applied as refugees arrive at a new location (Italy, for example) or as patterns of flows settle over time (Ansell, Boin and Keller, 2000).

Our work highlights the importance of change over time within this crisis and the inter-relatedness of decision causes and effects across sectors and across borders. In this cross-country study of the refugee response along the Balkan refugee route, our respondents shared a widespread common understanding of important phases of activity based on critical turning points that shifted crisis response. These different phases involved different stakeholders as well as involving the same stakeholders differently.

Keyphrases: Cross-Sectoral Partnerships, Disaster and Crisis Management, Interoganizational Relationships

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