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AR Markscape - Unvelling Reality

EasyChair Preprint no. 12505

9 pagesDate: March 15, 2024


— AR MARKSCAPE represents a pioneering endeavor situated at the nexus of immersive technologies, augmented reality, and education. Its fundamental goal is to redefine the landscape of learning by harnessing augmented reality (AR) to cultivate a more captivating and accessible educational milieu. By superimposing virtual elements onto the tangible world, AR MARKSCAPE facilitates a profound comprehension of intricate concepts while nurturing collaborative learning environments. This groundbreaking initiative endeavors to enable individuals to submerge themselves in data within their familiar surroundings, thus dismantling barriers to comprehension and fostering the exchange of knowledge. This innovative methodology not only enriches the learning process but also expedites skill acquisition by providing a platform for interactive involvement and exploration. Through the infusion of AR technology, AR MARKSCAPE aspires to imbue education with a humanizing essence, empowering students from diverse backgrounds and varying abilities to excel. By furnishing a more immersive and nuanced learning experience, it unlocks novel pathways for the assimilation, visualization, and retention of knowledge. In essence, AR MARKSCAPE transcends mere project status; it emerges as a transformative catalyst in education, charting the course toward a more inclusive and efficacious learning expedition for all stakeholders.

Keyphrases: ArUco markers, Augmented Reality, Python, visualization

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