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Comparison of Simulated Macro- and Mesoscopic Cortical Traveling Waves with MEG Data

EasyChair Preprint no. 4415

9 pagesDate: October 17, 2020


Radial traveling waves of local currents on the folded surface of the human cerebral cortex were simulated. The potentials and magnetic fields on the surface of the head were calculated by individual MRI. Model EEGs and MEGs were compared with experimental data using two-dimensional correlation. The maximum values of correlation coefficients were determined for traveling wave velocities of 0.1 and 0.2 m/sec with the epicenters in the occipital lobes of the brain, including regions of V1, V2. In these cases, a leap in the levels of maximal correlations in time and space was observed. At the speed of 6 m/sec, the maximal values were smallest, and the change in the level of correlations was smoothened. The results of the study demonstrate the advantage of the intra-cortical hypothesis of the brain traveling waves.

Keyphrases: brain traveling waves, cerebral cortex, EEG, intra-cortical hypothesis, MEG

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