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Financial Problem Faced by the Handloom Weavers in Chendamangalam Cooperative Society

EasyChair Preprint no. 2330

5 pagesDate: January 8, 2020


Handloom sector, the second largest employment provider in the country after agriculture sector, is depending over 16 million weavers and they were chosen this century old traditional hand woven textile industry as their livelihood. Because of the unique traditional designs and quality of the hand crafted artifacts, the popularity and its demand is very high both nationally and internationally. This study is mainly concentrated on Chendamangalam handloom cooperative society in Ernakulam district. This study focuses on the various financial problems faced by the handloom weavers in Chendamangalam handloom cooperative society as well as the schemes available from the government. From the study it was found that the weavers are not satisfied with their financial rewards from this special skilled job, as they received only meagre income. They also received lack of support from the government in this regard. Because of meagre income and lack of government support, no one is ready to enter in this field of weaving, the study found. Since the handloom sector is one among the contributors of the Indian economy, their existence is inevitable and the government should take necessary measures to improve their current financial situation for the survival of the industry.

Keyphrases: financial problems, government support, HAND LOOM COOPERATIVE SOCIETY, Weavers

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