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Influence of Traceability Information Display on Consumption Behaviour in Cross-Border E-Commerce

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6 pagesDate: July 24, 2022


The introduction of traceability information on cross-border e-commerce platforms reduces information asymmetry and improves consumers' perception of trust. In this study, we combined the data-driven and model-driven methodologies, created a new index of traceability information display degree, and constructed econometric models to analyze the influential effect and marginal effect of traceability information display degree on consumer consumption behaviour about cross-border e-commerce products. Furthermore, we examined the moderating effect of platform on the display degree of traceability information and conducted a robustness test using propensity score matching (PSM). This paper provides a new perspective on traceability information and makes recommendations for how to improve the construction of traceability systems on cross-border e-commerce platforms.

Keyphrases: consumption behaviour, Cross-border e-commerce products, PSM, Traceability information display

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