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Automatic Telephone Interview Survey System

EasyChair Preprint no. 6998

4 pagesDate: November 6, 2021


Nowadays, governments or enterprises often use questionnaires to investigate people's views on issues or products, and telephone interviews are one of the most commonly used methods for questionnaire surveys. The proposed system is mainly divided into four parts. The first part is pre-processing, according to the questionnaire to be interviewed to generate the data needed in the follow-up dialogue in advance. The second part is to build a VoIP soft phone, the purpose is to realize the function of making calls on the software side with multiple SIP lines at the same time through the SIP architecture. In addition, the system also connects the front-end softphone module with the back-end dialogue module through a dialogue interface to automatically conduct the telephone interview. The third part is multi-turn question answering dialogue. If the call is answered, the dialogue module will actively ask the respondent according to the questions in the questionnaire, and then through hybrid answer matching to determine the option matched by the respondent’s answer. Finally, the dialogue module decides the question to be asked in the next turn to achieve the effect of multi-turn dialogue. The fourth part is call detail record and table generation, which is responsible for recording the call status and answering situation during the telephone interview. In addition, the system performs post-processing according to the telephone interview results of all lines after the execution, so that we can quickly understand the situation of the telephone interview survey.

Keyphrases: Multi-turn Question Answering, questionnaire survey, SIP, Telephone interview, VoIP

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