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Simplified Programming Design Based on Automatic Test System of Aeroengine

EasyChair Preprint no. 3268

8 pagesDate: April 26, 2020


Aeroengine is a kind of highly complex and repairable multi-component system, which operates over a long time under the harsh conditions of high temperature, high pressure, high speed and high load, and any fault threatens the safety of the aircraft. Based on this, through the in-depth analysis of several common automatic fault detection methods used in aeroengines, an automatic test system based on association rules mining technology was proposed to realize automatic test of aeroengine fault. The system uses association rule mining algorithm to deal with the database with a large amount of data. By improving the algorithm, the improved algorithm can reduce the size of the database and the number of programming. The test results show that the hardware design of the automatic test system is reasonable, the signal acquisition is accurate and the error can meet the requirements; the design of the fault detection process is reasonable, the search algorithm is fast and accurate, the speed of detection is about twice as high as possible, and the service life of the engine is saved.

Keyphrases: aeroengine, Apriori algorithm, association rules, automatic test system

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