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Secured Covid-19 Pandemic Vaccination Supply Administration System Using Blockchain

EasyChair Preprint no. 9279

4 pagesDate: November 8, 2022


After the manufacture of vaccines, one of the crucial duties is vaccination surveillance. If the vaccination is
flawed and causes the vaccine recipients to have several health issues. Currently, vaccination administration and
monitoring are fairly straightforward and entirely under the vaccine company's control. The vaccine manufacturer can readily alter and modify the manufacturing process. Overall, control over the supply of vaccines is centralised. By integrating Blockchain technology into the supply chain for
vaccines, the system will become decentralised and difficult to alter in terms of safety and content. The blockchain will add vaccines one block each batch, along with a time stamp. To facilitate administration, different vaccinations and medications produced by the same company will have their
own genesis blocks. Only if many medications undergo a screening test in which the vaccines are examined for
potential flaws will blocks be added. All blockchain blocks that are in charge of eliminating outdated vaccine batches will have the counter set. Discarded blocks won't be discovered when the vaccination details are checked. In a blockchain, the proof-of-work mechanism is managed by the super node. A
super node broadcast dose detail on the whole blockchain is
used to add vaccine doses to the blockchain.

Keyphrases: Administration, Discarded Block, supply management, vaccination

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