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Plant Monitoring System using KNN Algorithm

EasyChair Preprint no. 9698

4 pagesDate: February 14, 2023


Agriculture is the backbone of our country 60.43%

of land is used for the agriculture our farmers are facing more

issues and loss so our project helps farmers to choose the crop

wisely for the suitable condition and gain more profits for the

farmers it can also instruct the farmers to water the plant when it

is needed A feasible monitoring or controlling system can be of

great use to overcome this problem. And our project is based on

IoT and Machine learning Plants play a vital role in maintaining

the ecological cycle, and thus, to maintain the plant's proper

growth and health, adequate monitoring is required. Hence, the

aim of the project is to create a smart plant monitoring system

using automation and internet of things (IOT) technology. For this

purpose, sensors like soil moisture sensor, DHT11 sensor, level

sensor, etc.are used. This project is mainly help full for farmers to

maintain and monitor their crop in a healthy way

Keyphrases: Agriculture, IoT, machine learning, plant monitoring

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