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Design and Evaluation of an Island's Hybrid Renewable Energy System in Tunisia

EasyChair Preprint no. 7710

6 pagesDate: April 3, 2022


Hybrid renewable energy system is generally used to provide green and persistent electricity to the islands. Being more predictable and more stable than the other sources of renewable energy, tidal turbines are one of the most important sources of marine energy. In this paper, an island microgrid includes photovoltaic panels, wind turbine, and tidal turbine. The battery storage system and diesel generator are used as compensating energy sources. This paper aims at studying the sizing and optimization of the hybrid electrical system for supplying the load of the studied location in the island of Djerba, Tunisia. The objective functions are chosen by minimizing the Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and Embodied Energy (EE) for a variable waste of power supply probability (LPSP). For the programming and simulation of the microgrid system, MATLAB software is, however, used. A real meteorological data and load profile is used to design and evaluate the Sizing and optimization results, during the year 2020 in order to determine the highest component size of a microgrid system.  

Keyphrases: Hybrid energy system, island microgrid, Renewable Energy System, Sizing and Optimization

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