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The Improvement of Manufacturing Process by Using Quality Tools

EasyChair Preprint no. 2697

6 pagesDate: February 18, 2020


In the era of competitive markets and globalization, quality-related concepts and philosophies have emerged as strategic issues at all institutional levels and across all industries and services. No one can deny the importance of quality in the modern global competitive market, where only those who survive can offer quality products. In 1986, Edward Deming described the "Deming Chain Reaction" in his book Out of Crisis. According to him "When quality improves, cost reduction (less rebuilding, fewer mistakes, less delay and better use of the machine, time and materials), cost reduction productivity improves, productivity is happier, they capture the market with better quality and lower prices and therefore they do business They will grow their business The parties cannot deny the importance of quality in such a competitive market where they can offer the same live, good quality product. Seven quality tools were developed independently of each other, but it was first developed by a doctor from the University of Tokyo during the Quality Revolution in Japan. Korunu Ishikawa is popular. Dr. Koru Ishikawa did not invent all of these devices, some of them already in use since 1900, but he took these seven devices and built this set of seven instruments, calling them "the original seven devices of quality." This is why these devices are also called quality Ishikawa equipment. These tools are also known as basic quality tools because they are popular with the public and require less formal training statistics and are used to solve quality-related problems. Come on. Quality tools can be applied in many ways in the process industry, but the PDCA cycle and the DMIC method are well-known and widely used techniques that can be applied in the industrial process through quality.

Keyphrases: cause-effect, control chart, flow chart, Histogram

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